Apps and Games by Adam Oliver

Throughout recent years, technology has changed allowing film to advance the way audiences watch and interact with the film, one way film has changed is through the access of newly advanced technology, more specifically through smartphones with apps and consoles with games. Both pieces of technology allow the audience to access and have a different way to experience their favourite films in a different style and format giving them new opportunities.

Films and games have many similarities with each other, both games and film have a structured story that often contains a beginning, middle and ending and in games they use cut scenes that resemble scenes like in a movie and often scenes from the film. Particular games can resemble a film styled theme by using cut scenes, animations, lighting, camera work, production and scripted dialogue and allowing audiences to have a different experience when playing particular games.

However games and film are different formats of entertainment that just share certain titles; games have a linear, active narration which mean most games have a fixed narrative that requires a set of skills in order for people to progress in the game, games can have an open narrative so people playing can determine a way games can end. Whereas films are passive and the story is thought out and used to entertain audiences and manipulate them to feel certain emotions throughout particular scenes. Majority of games would rely on extreme violence and intense action in order to engage the audience and provide the emotional and motivational feelings while playing the games. They would also have other options while playing games so audiences would have a variety you choose from and what they prefer.

The film to game (vice versa) started in the 90’s with adaptations of Doom, Lara Croft, Resident Evil and Super Mario (table picture of three movies) , these were the first of many games to films however the issue with these early changed were that the technology was not the best meaning they were low quality graphics and on the early consoles such as PS1 and Nintendo NES which meant they are very simple and not too challenging. But as technology in film was improving and becoming better so was the technology with console gaming such as introduction to Xbox, improvements with PlayStation and Nintendo, with them introducing newer consoles every couple of years, the level of film to games (vice versa) was growing, with more games and film being adapted such as Batman, Prince of Persia and Mortal Kombat all getting games (vice versa) (batman picture) . The improvement of technology has affected the way they have been adapted because it’s allowed vast improvements to certain areas in the gaming world such as better graphics which will improve the gaming spectacle, improvements to the stories behind it with the help of their respected adaptions. One of the biggest ways that this has been illustrated to becoming a serious change are the combinations of one the biggest companies creating games of some of the biggest franchises in movie.

This is Lego creating some of the most popular games of some of the most popular franchises in movie such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings and many more. With the improvement of technology it has allowed Lego the opportunity to turn the movies into games because of the improvement to graphics in games and a smoother animation system to the set games and as more franchises are becoming popular, they are able to use the movies to create games people can follow everything in the movie themselves. The Lego games would often follow the plots of those particular films allowing audience to have a different experience of the movies by playing the plot in gaming version. (Lego game picture)

The technology for games was not the only technology to be improved at the same time as film, throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s one of the most significant pieces of technology to appear and be a part of people’s lives was the smartphone. The smartphone is the latest modern technology that people rely on majorly and this has allowed film companies to take full advantage of it with apps for people to use on a regular. The smartphone has allows companies to create apps for people to use whenever they want, these includes games, franchise updates and just general exploration of the chosen films. The advantage to apps is that they are easy to make, cheap, quality will not be an issue and usually simple to use and navigate around. The game apps are usually made to be immediate to play with no story line and slow gameplay, they are often addictive as well so they can be played whenever they want and for long amount of time. With apps there are micro-transactions which is a great way for companies to generate revenue with add-ons and expansions to games as well as small base of paid apps for premium access. (app pictures in line)

One of the debates surrounding these adaptations is whether they work or are they as effective as the original version of the set title and through the evidence past attempt they are usually successful to an extent that audiences will often enjoy both versions whether its game to film (vice versa) and are normally a success in making revenue and profit for the companies. So in conclusion the advances in technology has had a positive impact for film companies because they now have multiple platforms to create revenue and connect to their multiple audiences because different audiences prefer different platforms so the more technology advances the more opportunities film companies have to create content.


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